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Thwap! Thwap! Thwap! Side effects of National Look up at the Sky Day

Today you were supposed to get a blog from Pat Bergford about orchard mason bees.  Pat usually writes articles about the gardens around Scott Homes (which are lovely). But Pat is frolicking at the beach. She left me with a rough draft about orchard mason bees which I am supposed to share with you. Which I am not going to do because today is National “Look up at the Sky” Day and I’m in the mood to celebrate.

Plus it segues nicely into a story about being wantonly assaulted by orchard mason bees.

“Look up at the Sky” Day is to encourage people to lift their faces and spend a little time looking at clouds or birds or oncoming asteroids (you just never know). Working in my basement office, I look up at the sky a lot as it’s about the only thing my little window shows.

This week was a good week for sky-watching at chez Scott Homes. We had the first comparatively warm day Olympia has had in a while. Outside my basement office window, the plum blossoms were practically exploding open against a clear, spring sky. In the branches, birds and squirrels were duking it out.  In the distance the peacocks sang their songs of unrequited love (CUuuRAAAGH!!!). Read the rest of this entry »

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