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Inspiration Home FAQ’s

With one more weekend of the Inspiration Home Open House to go (Aug 25, 26, 10-4) I am finally getting around to answering the most common questions. So here we go:

What is the …
Kitchen counter top?
“Absolute Black Satin” granite. It’s got a more rustic finish and you do have to clean it properly (but not annoyingly) every couple weeks or so. From Granite Gallery in Tumwater. They do a beautiful job and are a JOY to work with.

Bathroom counter top?
Soapstone “smoke” from Granite Gallery.

Master bathroom floor?
I spent two weekends telling people the floor was slate. It’s porcelain tile. Sorry. It’s called “urban concrete” and Granite Gallery spent a loooong day cutting big 24″ x 24″ tiles down to 4″ x 12″. And it looks so nice. Read the rest of this entry »

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Awakening, Enthusiasm, Motivation … Inspiration: Introducing the Inspiration Home!

Finally! We have begun!

I’m so darned excited to tell you about the Inspiration Home. The theories that were tested on the award-winning Far Reach House have been examined and improved on in the Inspiration Home.

The purpose of the Inspiration Home is to show that extremely energy efficient, built green homes can be affordable. This home will showcase one way to attain the balance between the latest and greatest products, conservation and cost-effectiveness.

It will also show that energy efficient homes can be Just Darn Cute.

This home is currently under construction. You can follow its progress on the Inspiration Home Facebook page or keep checking in at the Scott Homes blog.

We plan to have the Inspiration Home completed in August of 2012. There will be big events all through August so you can come see. Again, keep an eye on the Facebook page and/or this blog.

If you just can’t wait, the Inspiration Home will be part of the South Sound Green Tour April 21st & 22nd. We’d love to see you. Do remember it IS a construction site though, ‘kay?

When completed, the Inspiration Home will feature: Read the rest of this entry »

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Long Lake Cabin: Little SIP family cabin on the lake

Dan and Barb had a cabin near Olympia on Long Lake. It’s where they spent weekends with family and friends. It’s where they unplugged and had a quiet beer out on the dock.

And their cabin needed a lot of love. There were leaks, there were bows and dips and soft spots. It was time to either fix it up or tear it down and start over.

Dan and Barb did the math and found the cost of fixing their beloved cabin was almost as much as building a new one. They decided to start over.

“As we talked about our options,” said Barb, “we came to the conclusion that this cabin is for our family; our children and grandchildren. Our kids grew up out here. We want our grandchildren and their grandchildren to have a wonderful, quiet place to get away and play as well. This place is our legacy to them.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Green Building Brings Home the Gold! Scott Homes, Inc. earns national recognition

… Well, it’s kind of a greenish recycled plastic. But the award says “gold” on it and that’s good enough for us.

Scott Homes, Inc. earned the prestigious Gold Award in the 2012 national EnergyValue Housing Award® competition. The EVHA®, a program of the National Association of Home Builders, honors builders & remodelers who voluntarily incorporate energy efficiency in the design, construction & marketing of homes. The 2012 award is the third EVHA that Scott Homes has received.

“We are so pleased to be recognized by EVHA again this year,” Scott Bergford says. “For almost 30 years, we have continuously applied the latest in building science and efficiency innovation to build better and better houses right here in Olympia. I am proud of the work we’ve done on this house.”

For homeowners Eileen Ryan and Matt Cooper, the home-building experience was an adventure. “Matt and I went to Scott looking for the most energy efficient house our budget would allow,” says Eileen. “Scott was really informative and enthusiastic (when ISN’T Scott informative and enthusiastic — ed.) about getting us to our goals – past our goals, actually. He gave us much more than we hoped for.”

“This building project came at an interesting time,” Scott says. Read the rest of this entry »

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New to the blog world!

We’re here and planning to share some of our green building successes and profiles here for others to learn and grow in green building methods. Sign up to subscribe to our newsfeed to the right, we will be writing again soon!

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