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Affordability, Energy Efficiency Showcased in Scott Homes Tour of Homes

The Scott Homes and Northwest Energy Team Spring 2013 Tour of Homes is this Sunday, May 5 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For more details, like where and what, sign up for our Tour of Homes emails. After the event, we will not email you any more. Promise.

BergfordHouseThe Bergford House
This is a (gorgeous!) 1925 kit built Craftsman farm house. Up until last spring it was drafty and damp and a bear to heat. The Bergfords started with some very simple, low-cost upgrades to make their home more comfortable like air sealing and insulation in the roof. Then they gradually added more “involved” upgrades that addressed their home’s needs and behaviors, like ductless heat pumps and vents with humidistats.

Check out the details here!

BeckyExteriorEditThe Teacher’s Cottage
We talk to a lot of people looking to downsize. And we talk to a lot of soon-to-be-retirees whose investments were dented by recent market failures. The Teacher’s Cottage is an example of affordable downsizing in an extremely energy efficient home.

In addition to the usual technologies we use to when we build our custom homes — structural insulated panels (SIP), ductless heat pumps (DHP) and heat recovery ventilators (HRV) — we designed the 1160 square foot home for additions and upgrades in the future. The owner wanted to build with the money she had on hand so we made space in her home’s design for things like a garage and a more luxurious bath.

Read further for more details!

FarmHouseTwilightThe Farm House
Winner of ENERGY STAR’s Home of the Year “Most Cost Effective”! This is a great house built at an affordable price for a military family of five. The owners had lived in an extremely energy efficient home before so they knew the value and benefits. Their new home has a thoughtful design embraces the family’s daily activities and provides space to celebrate holidays, special occasions and the odd surprise life like to throw at us.

This home serves as an excellent model of what can be done to balance good energy efficient performance with a smaller budget. The Farm House owners call their house “The Little House That Could” because of its size, its color and its wonderful performance.

See more about this award-winning home!

DSC_5945The Inspiration Home
Winner of ENERGY STAR’s Home of the Year “Best Demonstration Project”! Last year we opened this home as a showcase to demonstrate how energy efficiency technologies can support a home rather than just be something to brag about.

In addition to all the solar panels and SIPs and amazing windows, it is a really attractive home built with a Universal Design floor plan. Don’t let all the fancy Craftsman touches like coffered ceilings and breakfast nooks and built-in’s fool you. This house is designed to be lived in by as many people of as many abilities as possible. If you have a friend or a family member who likes to tour homes but has trouble with steps or doorways, bring them just for the fun of it.

We’ve written a lot about the Inspiration Home. If you want all the details, type “Inspiration Home” in the Search box in the middle upper right.

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Introducing the Team: Scott Homes & Northwest Energy Team


Scott Bergford is the owner and president of Scott Homes, Inc. (and also of Northwest Energy Team). He’s the one who sits down with you and helps you figure out how your home will look and what it will do. Scott helps you articulate your priorities  (Aging-in-place, extreme energy efficiency, capitalizing on a view, mutli-generational design) and gives you your options.

PatsGardenPat Bergford is in charge of taste and refinement. It is her artistic touch that makes our home designs so attractive. And when you come visit, schedule time to walk around her garden.

Chris is the office manager. She  is in charge of Scott’s calender and keeps track of the financial side of things. (She also stashes the good candy so we are all nice to Chris.) Chris has built two of her own homes with Scott Homes, so she is a really good resource for questions.

Eileen is a some-time writer for Scott Homes and Northwest Energy Team. She and her husband live in the Far Reach House and pay $70 a year to heat their house. Eileen has drunk the Scott Homes Kool Aid. You’ll meet her at a lot of the home shows and tours.

Scott Homes LogoScott Homes
Scott Homes builds extremely energy efficient homes. We work exclusively with Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) and really like to incorporate heat recovery ventilators and ductless heat pumps because then our home have heat bills of less than $100 a year. Which is nice.

Chad puts your dreams on paper. He creates a computer design (floor plans and elevations) based on your discussions with Scott. When you have changes, Chad is the one who makes them work.

Steve is your organizer. He gives you the list of what you have to choose (dishwashers, windows, paint color) and the deadlines for your choices. He also manages the operations so the sub-contractors and the utilities and the banks are all doing what they are supposed to in the time they should be doing it. Kinda.

Don is the guy on your site. He’s the one who meets the flooring guys and the electricians and the PUD crew and makes sure they do the right things to the right wall/floor/junction box.

Northwest Energy TeamNorthwest Energy Team
NET’s focus is to make existing homes more energy efficient through selective upgrades to your building envelope. It operates under the Scott Homes umbrella and utilizes the same resources and standards.

Paul is the fellow who comes out to evaluate your home to see what may or may not need to be done. Paul is quite serious in public settings. This confuses us because he’s quite the little japester around the office.

Dan manages the projects. He figures out schedules and orders parts. He is also the office sage. We sit at his feet and ask him to share with us the wisdom of The Old Days.

Mark is the HVAC lead installer smartypants. He knows how the framistan connects to the gizmo thingie. And stuff.

big home and garden showYou can meet us this weekend at the 2013 Olympia Master Builders’ Big Home and Garden Show (April 13 & 14)! There are COUPONS and discounts and everything so drop in and say hello!

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3 Things to Wrap Your Brain Around: Touring the Inspiration Home

A friend of mine bruised my heart yesterday. I took her on a sneak-peek tour of the Inspiration Home. On the drive back she was quiet and finally said, “I could never afford a home like that …  And that’s the kind of home I want.”

I was surprised. She’s in the building industry. She knows what a custom home open house is all about, right? Turns out, she’s never thought about it as if she were the customer. And neither have I. So I’m writing this.

Here are three things to wrap your brain around when you tour a custom home.

Custom Home Design and Build means it’s designed and built for you.
When you visit a custom home, you’re looking at a home built for a specific person. It’s like trying on someone else’s tailored coat; no matter how beautifully it’s made, that coat will only be a perfect fit for the coat’s owner. Read the rest of this entry »

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Green Building Brings Home the Gold! Scott Homes, Inc. earns national recognition

… Well, it’s kind of a greenish recycled plastic. But the award says “gold” on it and that’s good enough for us.

Scott Homes, Inc. earned the prestigious Gold Award in the 2012 national EnergyValue Housing Award® competition. The EVHA®, a program of the National Association of Home Builders, honors builders & remodelers who voluntarily incorporate energy efficiency in the design, construction & marketing of homes. The 2012 award is the third EVHA that Scott Homes has received.

“We are so pleased to be recognized by EVHA again this year,” Scott Bergford says. “For almost 30 years, we have continuously applied the latest in building science and efficiency innovation to build better and better houses right here in Olympia. I am proud of the work we’ve done on this house.”

For homeowners Eileen Ryan and Matt Cooper, the home-building experience was an adventure. “Matt and I went to Scott looking for the most energy efficient house our budget would allow,” says Eileen. “Scott was really informative and enthusiastic (when ISN’T Scott informative and enthusiastic — ed.) about getting us to our goals – past our goals, actually. He gave us much more than we hoped for.”

“This building project came at an interesting time,” Scott says. Read the rest of this entry »

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