Bring a Little Sunshine

Last month we collected money at the door of the Inspiration Home (over $1,100!) to support our local Salvation Army. All that money gets used right here in Olympia to help local families. Thank you!

This Saturday we’re showcasing the warm, energy efficient Inspiration Home on the 2012 Thurston Solar Tour. For the Solar Tour we’re collecting cold weather clothes and gear.

As the morning’s mists linger into the afternoon and the nights are cooler, we’re all sorting through our closets, deciding what will be replaced and what will go. If you have any clean jackets, coats, hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, boots, pocket handwarmers, etc. to spare, we’ll take ‘em. Any size, any gender. They’ll go directly to our local Salvation Army.

Most of us have a warm place to go when it storms. For some of our neighbors, that place is the Olympia Salvation Army.

Pay it forward!

(Eileen here. This is a completely personal note and not necessarily supported by Scott Homes. But only I have the blog’s password!

I spent a very damp, cold fall sleeping in my car while I tried to save enough money for first-and-last-month’s-rent-plus-deposit. I watched women around me try to keep their kids and themselves warm and dry. It was miserable. Those parents were exhausted just trying to make it through the day… never mind the night. I was grateful I had only me to watch out for.

Fifteen years on I have a child, a good husband and a warm home. I used to think about that winter with relief to be “safe” now and perhaps with a sense of adventure. Now I think about those parents refereeing which kid got to wear the “good socks” that night. And I am grateful. The fullest way I can express my gratitude for the Grace that has brought me here is by giving — giving humanely, giving thoughtfully and giving with humility. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to improve a life. Let’s start here.)

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