Inspiring Rebates from Puget Sound Energy

It takes less effort (and money) to save energy than to buy or build more energy. Puget Sound Energy has a vested interest in helping you save energy; it’s easier to provide energy-saving solutions and rewards than to build a new sub-station.

I know, I know. It’s hard to make the phrase, “We’re here from the utility company and we’re here to help” sound like something other than a joke. But it’s really, really true. See, population experts forecast Thurston County will grow by another 140,000 people in the next 20-30 years. That’s 2/3 more people watching TV and heating homes and running refrigerators.

Puget Sound Energy has tons of rebates for lighting and appliances and shower heads and insulation and they’re smart and nice and stuff.  PSE will be all set up and ready for action at the Inspiration Home during the Thurston Solar Tour this Saturday (Sept 29, 10-4). We love having them with us because they can answer ANY questions about making your home more energy — and financially — efficient.

Also, since this is the Thurston Solar Tour after all, PSE will be ready to answer questions about how they set up meters to track your solar system (solar energy, not the collection of planets). They will also answer questions about how the metering works and how it processes the information and how you get credit for the energy you generate.

If you want to know more about metering before you come visit, download this pdf on Net Metering FAQs.

Of course, Scott Bergford will be on hand as well to talk about ductless heat pumps and SIP construction because that’s what he does.

Come out to the Inspiration Home, Saturday between 10 and 4. You can use the map for directions.

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