Last Chance to See Inspiration Home

If you missed it in August, you have one. More. Chance. If you saw it in August, you have one. More. Chance. The point is that the Inspiration Home is open for one more day and that’s it. Bring a friend.

The Inspiration Home is part of the 2012 Thurston Solar Tour, this coming Saturday, September 29 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

If you’re interested in solar systems (with panels and stuff, not planets), this is a great chance for you to see how your utility company — in this case PSE — works with your system. You can find out how your kilowatt usage is tracked as well as how PSE credits you back for the energy you’ve generated.

The Inspiration Home features a solar hot water heater and a PV “starter package”. Both of these were installed by our friend Kirk Haffner of South Sound Solar.

If you’re interested in Scott Homes houses, Scott Bergford himself will be there to answer questions about the methods he uses to design and build his extremely energy efficient homes. So if you’re wanting more about building with SIPs, ductless heat pumps, heat recovery ventilators and other amazing, cost-effective features, this is a great chance to experience what everyone’s talking about.

And if you just like pretty houses and are looking to kill an hour or two, you are just as welcome. We like to show off. (But no pets, please; there are allergy issues :) )

See you Saturday at the Thurston Solar Tour!

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