Inspiration Home Winners! (Finally!)

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Inspiration Home open house door prizes … at last, at last!

For those of you who missed the Inspiration Home tour, your last chance to view this fabulous house will be during the 2012 Thurston Solar Tour, Saturday, September 29.

Grand Prize winner: $1,000 off Ductless Heat Pump
Ben R. plans on purchasing a home in the next couple months. His family was very impressed with all they learned about ductless heat pumps‘ energy efficiency and comfort. When they find just the right place, we’ll make their new home all cozy and warm and ready for the holidays.

Complete Home Energy Evaluation
Rick W. won Northwest Infrared‘s complete Home Energy Evaluation (valued at $350). Brent Foster will come to Rick’s house, inspect it visually and with his infrared camera, and then do a blower door test. These things combined will show Rick where his house has any air leaks, moisture problems, or insulation issues. Rick will get a written report with Brent’s findings as well as Brent’s notes on what can be to improve the home’s energy performance.

Black & Decker Circular Saw
Linda H. won the Black & Decker circular Saw donated by ProBuild of Olympia. Linda doesn’t have much use for a saw just now, but their son does so everyone is happy. ProBuild of Olympia spent a lot of time advising us on things like siding, decking and cabinets for the Inspiration Home. We truly appreciate their-above-and-beyond donation.

Le’Saric Gourmet Caramels
Jim T., Doug T., Katie B., Nathan A., Jacque B., Janet R., Christine B., Steve H., Jay L., Rosey T., Brandy B., Heather R., Addy B., Glen K., Bev S., Chris N. each won a lovely quarter-pound box of locally made Le’Saric Gourmet Caramels. I brought some from a craft fair one day and everyone at Scott Homes (who likes caramels, anyway) took one bite and said, “Ooo! Moh gosssh, mmmese er mood! Mreally mood!!!” So what better prize to give to you than Olympia-made, classy caramels that make us talk funny? We use them as thank you gifts as well, because nothing says thank you like sugar and butter.

Batdorf & Bronson Coffee
Wendy C., Linda H., John B., Diane P., Lucas K. each won a $10 Batdorf & Bronson coffee card. You just can’t go wrong with coffee that’s been locally roasted using 100% renewable energy right here in Olympia. We practically lived on B&B while building the Inspiration Home so we are very pleased to share it with our visitors.

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  1. Steve Herrington said

    How do we pick up our prize?

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