Discount Tickets to OMB’s Big Home & Garden Show

Look what I found in my email box this morning! A Living Social deal for two tickets to the Olympia Master Builders’ Big Home and Garden Show! Cool beans.

For five bucks ($5) you can have two tickets for either Saturday, September 15th or Sunday, September 16th.

We’ll be there as well as many of our friends and supporters from our Inspiration Home project:
Northwest Energy Team. Answering ALL your questions about the extremely energy efficient  ductless heat pumps and basic, inexpensive ways you can make your home more comfortable in the coming cold season.

ProBuild.Lots of folks who were at the Inspiration Home had questions about the TREX deck and its drainage system. There also was a lot of discussion about the home’s HardiePlank siding. These are the guys to ask.

South Sound Solar. SSS installed the solar hot water heater and the photovoltaic “starter kit” on the Inspiration Home. Kirk and Dever will be right across the aisle from us which is good because they’re really smart and know all about the rebates and credits involved when getting a system.

Thurston Energy. These are the people to start with when you plan to do an energy upgrade on your home. Their job is to help you thoroughly evaluate your home’s issues. If there’s things you can’t improve yourself, they’ll help you find an approved company.

Thurston County Solid Waste. “Why do I need to talk to these people?” I hear you cry. Well, they tell you how to dispose of the tricky stuff like bicycle frames and pesticides. BUT the part I like best is they are very interested in figuring out ways to reduce the volume of stuff that goes to the disposal sites: composting, re-purposing, etc. We used crushed glass for fill at the Inspiration Home. That is about eight square yards of “garbage” that was put to good use.

Puget Sound Energy. PSE was with us every day of the Inspiration Home Open House and boy! did I learn a lot. They have rebates I never heard of. They estimate that with the continuing rise of energy demands we are going to need enough energy to run another city the size of Seattle in the very near future. It’s easier to conserve energy than to make new systems to harness it. So go talk to them. Bring lots of questions and an open mind. They even impressed my dad (imagine a Walter Matthau picture here).

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