Fabulous Prize Update for the Inspiration Home!

Remember when I said there would be more door prizes, but I hadn’t collected them yet?

That’s right! There’s more!

When you visit the Inspiration Home (the last weekend is almost here — Aug 25/26, 10-4), you can sign up for a chance to win all sorts of things including:

A rather nice Black and Decker circular saw fromĀ Probuild (oh, ProBuild, we love you so) in Olympia. You can have it if you promise you’ll watch your fingers. All of them.

LeSaric Gourmet Caramels brought in about 18 quarter-pound boxes of their homemade caramels. Old Fashioned Butter Caramels … L’il Joe Espresso Caramels … Sicilian Salted Butter Caramels … Sweet Cherry Pie Caramels … They are sitting on my desk right now. And I have no will power. (Help meeee …)

We’re getting some coffee from Batdorf & Bronson. There will be pounds of coffee (your choice) to win and a bunch of free drink cards.

And I’m still working on getting a local restaurant to donate a dinner (how does everyone feel about Anthony’s?)

Of course the grand prize is still the $1000 off a ductless heat pump. Followed by the free home energy consultation (with infrared and blower door tests and everything) from Brent Foster of Northwest Infrared.

Cool beans!

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