No, No! Don’t Runoff! Jeffrey B Glander Saves the Day!

One of the goals for the Inspiration Home (we have a lot of them) was to have no stormwater runoff from the lot. The best way to do this is by constructing a rain garden* to catch and filter the runoff.

Eliminating stormwater runoff is a good and conscientious goal but we were slammed trying to get the Inspiration Home together on time. There’s no one around here experienced enough for rain garden research and design. So it was: “Jeffrey B Glander! Oh, Jeffrey B Gla-a-ander!” and  Jeff Glander of Jeffrey B Glander & Associates rode in and saved the day.

Jeff’s firm does landscape architecture and site planning. Basically this means he can do everything to a building site but design and build the house. Hardscape, drainage, water features, paving, plantings … the fun stuff. He (quickly) designed a rain garden to fit the Inspiration Home and lot … and Scott Homes‘ goal of Building Green

As with any design, Jeff’s first thoughts are for aesthetics and sustainability. In the Inspiration Home’s case we wanted a space that “matches” the neighborhood but still makes the home stand out a bit. And, of course, do what it’s supposed to do: filter runoff from the roof and the uphill side of the home.

The owners wanted landscaping that would take advantage of the steep slope, provide a sheltered area for the patio and also be inviting when viewed from the upper deck.

We think everyone got what was asked for. Thanks, Jeffrey B Glander!

You have seen a lot of Jeff’s work around Olympia and elsewhere in this area. My personal favorite is East Bay Plaza (now open!), in front of the new Hands On Children’s Museum. A close runner-up is one of the newer spaces at Point Defiance by the Meerkat House.

If you’ve been thinking about putting in a rain garden, or any sort of landscaping, we do recommend giving Jeff a call. He was great to work with. And he saved the day.

*Stormwater runoff is the Number One polluter of Puget Sound. A rain garden catches rainwater that flows off the roof (and down a driveway or hardpan or other impermeable surfaces) and gives it a place to take its time and soak in to the ground. When stormwater can soak in, it gets filtered the way it’s supposed to which makes the rainwater healthier by the time it gets to Puget Sound.

Right now, the Inspiration Home rain garden is new. It will take about three growing seasons (give or take) to mature. It will also take about that long to be fully effective.

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