South Sound Green Tour This Weekend. It’s a Biggie!

The South Sound Green Tour is April 21st & 22nd. That’s this weekend. The sites are open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day.

Get the Scott Homes/Northwest Energy Team site map with driving directions.

(A small request: When you park at any of the green Tour sites, kindly consider those who are parked or will be parking, also. Or will be driving in or out. We like to keep the neighbors happy.)

Scott Homes has two (and a half) sites:

Inspiration Home
The next step in energy efficient homes. This home is under construction. It is a construction site. With construction stuff. AND it’s a great opportunity to see what goes on “behind the walls” of an extremely energy efficient home. Building science expert, Daimon Doyle will be there to answer questions.
Check out the flyer to get more information.

Long Lake Cabin
A sweet weekend retreat that we just finished. Webster Bergford, the designer and builder, will be there to talk about his work. The owners will be there, too! Read the Long Lake Cabin flyer for more details.

Far Reach House
This home costs $70 a year to heat. It is not part of the South Sound Green Tour. We have it open because it is just down the road from the Long Lake Cabin. Get more details on the Far Reach House flyer.

Northwest Energy Team has two sites:

Furniture Works
We did several basic energy upgrades to this new-and-used furniture store. It’s a good opportunity to see what the owner and NET decided to do and why. If you’re on the way to the Olympia Farmers’ Market for lunch, stop in and talk to Dan Andrews, project manager for Northwest Energy Team (plus you never know what might be on sale :) ).  Here’s the flyer for more details.

Bergford House
This is a 1925 Craftsman farmhouse that really (REALLY!) needed some work. There were — and still are — many challenges. This is your chance to talk to someone in the middle of it. Learn what they decided to do and why and in what order. Take a look at the flyer.
And, Brent Foster of Northwest Infrared will be there. He’s awfully smart and understands how buildings function.
Bring your questions!

Resource Hub
Eileen and Chris will be at the  Scott Homes and Northwest Energy Team booth at the Resource Hub in downtown Olympia. She’s available to answer your basic questions about green building and energy retrofitting.

Why Should You Go?
The South Sound Green Tour will make you smarter about building science. Talking about building science breaks the ice at dinner parties. Breaking the ice at dinner parties makes a grateful hostess. Grateful hostesses give you a bigger slice of dessert. Get a bigger slice of dessert. Go to this weekend’s South Sound Green Tour.

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