Scott Homes Hosting Four Sites in the South Sound Green Tour

Between Scott Homes and Northwest Energy Team, we have FOUR (4.5 really) sites in this year’s South Sound Green Tour, April 21 & 22, 10-4.

The purpose of the tour is to show how easy it is to build green. And how healthy. And how supportive to local businesses. And how conservation-y.

There are a lot of different ways you can go when you build green. If you are thinking about building a home or improving the energy performance of your existing home, it is well worth your time to check out some or all of the sites on the South Sound Green Tour.

To see a map and get directions to Scott Homes/Northwest Energy Team sites, either click on the button on our home page or go directly to our map. Enter your address in the “Start Address” field, click the “Get Directions” button, and away you go!

Northwest Energy Team sites:

Bergford House
This is Scott’s actual house that he and Pat have actually lived in for 32 years. It’s a 1925 kit-built Craftsman style farmhouse. It was drafty, damp and needed a lot of love in the form of an energy retrofit. They’ve done a few things and will do more as time presents itself. Come talk to Scott and Pat.
Find out what they liked, what they plan to do next, and why they are doing what fixes in what order.

Furniture Works
This is a nice downtown new and used furniture store in an old, under-insulated warehouse. Ken Adney, the owner, wanted to replace the massive, inefficient industrial heater that roared but didn’t really do much. We put in some massive ductless heat pumps (DHP) to replace them, sealed up some trouble spots and re-did the windows.
Northwest Energy Team’s project manager, Dan Andrews, will be there for both days of the tour. He’s a smartypants and definitely not a salesman. Definitely. Ask him all sorts of questions.

Scott Homes sites:

Long Lake Cabin
This is a newly constructed weekend retreat. It’s the usual Scott Homes structural insulated panel (SIP) and designed with family gatherings in mind. It’s a sweet, quiet place built for the owners to get away or to bring their children and grandchildren.
Webster Bergford designed and built the cabin. He’ll be on hand for questions.

Inspiration Home
This will be Scott Homes jewel-in-the-crown when it’s completed in August 2012. The energy performance be spectacular!
Currently it’s a construction site (don’t wear your good shoes) so it’s a marvelous opportunity to see what happens behind the walls of a Scott Homes house. (You can also follow the Inspiration Home’s progress on its very own, special Facebook page. “Like” it; you’ll be glad you did!)
Daimon Doyle, resident building science expert will be on-site to share more details. Daimon will also be speaking at the Green Tour Hub Saturday (April 21) afternoon

Far Reach House
This is the 0.5 site. It has been available for many tours but we’re showing it again because it’s so near the Long Lake Cabin … perhaps someone out there hasn’t seen it yet :D or heard about its fabulous performance. Besides, it just won a major award so you can say “I was there!”
NOTE: This site is only open to Scott Homes and Northwest Energy Team friends. It’s not part of the South Sound Green Tour. While there shouldn’t be much of a crowd, you still have to park at the bottom of the drive; it’s unsafe to have so many cars trying to get in and out at the top. However, if you have mobility issues, do drive up and drop off. Those of you who have been here already know what we’re talking about. :)

We’ll be glad to see you and show you what we’ve been working on since last we met. If we have met. If we haven’t met, we should. Because we have a lot to show you.

Again, use our map to find your way. And check out the other sites on the South Sound Green Tour, too!

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