Long Lake Cabin: Little SIP family cabin on the lake

Dan and Barb had a cabin near Olympia on Long Lake. It’s where they spent weekends with family and friends. It’s where they unplugged and had a quiet beer out on the dock.

And their cabin needed a lot of love. There were leaks, there were bows and dips and soft spots. It was time to either fix it up or tear it down and start over.

Dan and Barb did the math and found the cost of fixing their beloved cabin was almost as much as building a new one. They decided to start over.

“As we talked about our options,” said Barb, “we came to the conclusion that this cabin is for our family; our children and grandchildren. Our kids grew up out here. We want our grandchildren and their grandchildren to have a wonderful, quiet place to get away and play as well. This place is our legacy to them.”

The old cabin was removed and the parts recycled locally. The location of the cabin was shifted a bit and Dan and Barb were able to create a new floor plan that matched they way they were currently using the cabin. Building from scratch also had other advantages: maintenance.

“Frankly,” said Barb, “working on the cabin was starting to eat up a lot of relaxation time. This is a better situation for Dan and I now.”

The Long Lake Cabin’s design will surely keep maintenance needs to a minimum. SIP is durable and long-lived. Good ventilation and a 3/4″ rain screen between the siding keeps moisture from gaining hold. The triple pane windows and ductless heat pump keep heating and cooling costs way down.

As for the cabin’s floor plan, well … pretty much all of us at Scott Homes have stood in the cabin’s living space and said, “Gosh, this is nice“. The cabin’s vaulted ceiling and open floor plan showcase the lake. The two bedrooms downstairs and two upstairs along with a spacious 2nd floor balcony make it a great space for adults, or kids, or adults with kids — which is just what the Dan and Barb were going for.

“[Scott Homes] took our vision and made it work,” said Barb. “We can already tell how comfortable, warm and quiet our cabin will be.”

All in all, the Long Lake Cabin an uncomplicated, welcoming place that will house family memories for many decades to come.

See the Long Lake Cabin, another Scott Homes site and two Northwest Energy Team sites at the South Sound Green Tour, April 21st and 22nd. Watch for April’s Building InSites or keep an eye on SouthSoundGreenTour.org for more information.

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