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SIPs, Chinooks and Artillery: How’s the noise reduction?

“Because this house is located near a very active military base, was noise a consideration when choosing SIPs for the walls and roof? Or was the choice based solely on energy savings?”

This is a question from Deb Sagan of the EnergyValue Housing Award. (EVHA is part of the National Association of Home Builders Research Center. Winning an EVHA is a pretty big deal … and we’re, once again, finalists for this year’s competition. Yipee!!! *Ahem*)

The response from the owners was:

“Hey Deb –

We knew we were building literally across the street from a Ft Lewis training area. We knew there would be noise but had no idea how much. That was an “unknown known.”

We also didn’t know that we were right under a helicopter training flight path. That was a bit of a surprise there. Read the rest of this entry »

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