Introducing the Energy Efficient “Less-Than-a-Latte” House

We’re thinking about changing the name of The Far Reach House to Less-Than-a-Latte House.

Why? Becaaaause …

“All totaled [our utility bills] add up to about $2.45 a day. … it is really cool to live in a house where we spend less per day on utilities than an average person spends on a latte.”

The Far Reach House owners moved in April 1st (check out the finished interior!). Since then we’ve been waiting with baited breath to learn what the energy bills are like. Last week the owners dropped off copies of their utility bills along with a note. My favorite part is how they summarize their daily utility costs (electricity, water and propane). Their latte example was a bonus.

Letter highlights:

  • Since April 2011, average electricity costs are $1.04 a day (about 12.1 KWH/day)
  • Water has averaged at 40¢/day, using 117 gallons a day. (The area average is 208 gallons/day. The owners elected to use WaterSense fixtures throughout the house interior which are supposed to be 20% more efficient than other fixtures. Their house is currently showing as 44% more efficient compared to the area average.)
  • About 0.5 gallons of propane are used each day. The stove top and the tankless hot water heater are the only appliances used daily. This number will probably go down now that the owners have installed a timer on their hot water recirculation system. (Propane use is difficult to calculate on a daily basis as their 200 gallon tank has only been filled once so far.)

For those who’d like to do the math themselves, here are copies of their PSE (electricity) bill and their water bill. As mentioned, we can’t provide a propane bill but we’ll let you know when they have to refill their tank :)


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