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Far Reach House Opens Doors for Scott Homes 2011 Tour of Homes

Matt & Eileen, the owners of the Far Reach House moved in April 1st. “I have to admit the April Fool’s Day date made me a little nervous,” Eileen smiled. “Everything had gone so smoothly through the whole building process and we all know how the Universe has a sense of humor. But I just had to make a minor blood offering when I closed my knife on my thumb.”

“Scott told us we would be surprised how a finished SIPs home felt. He was right.” said Matt. “Eileen and I spent the better part of the first week trying to come up with words that truly described the quiet and peaceful atmosphere inside the house. We decided it was a lot like waking up in the morning and knowing, without having to look out the window, it had snowed in the night.

“We’ve been nothing but pleased with how the house was built and the energy efficient performance. As nerdy as it is, we get all goofy when the PSE (Puget Sound Energy) and the water bills come because we can’t wait to see how low the charge is.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Scott Homes, Inc. Fall 2011 Tour of Homes

October 1st (that’s a Saturday), 11-4 Scott Homes is hosting our 2011 Fall Tour of Homes. Go to our homepage for links and maps.

UPDATE!!! As of 9/26, one of our homes had to withdraw from the tour. Any email or other information you may have received before this is out of date. Please check this entry again before you go visit any one. Thank you.

We have a special addition to the tour this year: A Northwest Energy Team* house.
The Purtees made up their minds to be more comfortable in their own home. They also knew that an energy upgrade on their house would result in lower energy usage (meaning lower energy bills).  They got a home energy evaluation report and contacted us. We gave their home a simple energy upgrade: sealing air leaks, improving insulation and airflow, and installing a hugely efficient ductless heat pump.

If you or a friend are interested in making your home more comfortable and lowering your energy bills, come visit the Purtee house and see how we approach an energy upgrade for a “typical” Northwest home. Read the rest of this entry »

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Energy Efficient Retrofitting for Your Home: Northwest Energy Team

Scott Homes, Inc. has branched out!

Northwest Energy Team is for all of you who want a home that is more energy efficient but cannot afford to build a new house.
Or who like where you live, but just wish your home was more efficient and/or more comfortable.
Or who like where you live, etc., and firmly believe that improving existing homes is a more Green approach.

Northwest Energy Team is focused on three priorities:

  1. Finding the best, most cost-effective ways to improve your home’s performance
  2. Read the rest of this entry »

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Introducing the Energy Efficient “Less-Than-a-Latte” House

We’re thinking about changing the name of The Far Reach House to Less-Than-a-Latte House.

Why? Becaaaause …

“All totaled [our utility bills] add up to about $2.45 a day. … it is really cool to live in a house where we spend less per day on utilities than an average person spends on a latte.”

The Far Reach House owners moved in April 1st (check out the finished interior!). Since then we’ve been waiting with baited breath to learn what the energy bills are like. Last week the owners dropped off copies of their utility bills along with a note. My favorite part is how they summarize their daily utility costs (electricity, water and propane). Their latte example was a bonus. Read the rest of this entry »

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