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Early Spring Gardens in the Northwest

Anytime is a great time to get out in the garden and check out what popping up … How ’bout … NOW!!!

Put a warm coat and some nice wool socks on and take the kids “snout hunting”.  It’s a fun and encouraging late winter to early spring activity in your yard or out in the woods.  Any bulb from an Oriental Lily to a tulip breaks the soil with a dusky green sort of ‘snout’.  A quick jaunt in my yard this morning thrilled me to see all the daffodils and tulips and hyacinths popping through as well as discovering a new double hellebore in full bloom in shades of rose and cream.  It’s fun to see the primroses budded, the hydrangeas start to ‘push’ buds, a smart little ‘Christmas Cheer’ rhody heavily budded and showing color.  The tree peonies are waking up as well.

Here are some small projects that will make an immediate impact and have fantastic results later in the season: Read the rest of this entry »

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Allergies? Asthma? MCS? Building a Healthy Home for You Is Easier Than You Think

“1 out of every 5 households in America has someone suffering from asthma.   Approximately 1 out of 9 people have asthma.  40% of the U.S. population has either asthma or allergies.” These are the facts I got earlier this month at a recent Indoor Health Conference sponsored by The EPA. That’s a huge number of people with breathing issues.

I attended the conference because I wanted to know more about the building science required to make the homes we build even healthier. Why? In design meetings with our customers, we discover that so many who come to us for “just a house” also suffer from asthma or allergies or chemical sensitivities. Read the rest of this entry »

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